Sunday, April 17, 2011

Watch Out?

New technology is great and all, but my wristwatch works. It does exactly what I want it to do--it tells me what the time is. I don't need a better tool for that. I don't need an app.

That's why I was surprised to come across an article in The Atlantic recently that says the wristwatch is quickly becoming old-fashioned. According to the Benoit College Mindset List more and more people are forgoing a wristwatch in favor of the clock on their cell phone.

I don't see myself ever making that trade.

Just as I don't see the wisdom in forgoing a wristwatch for a cell phone, I'm equally puzzled by what Fossil is trying to do in response to the decline in wristwatch interest. Fossil is designing the MetaWatch. The MetaWatch maintains a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone so that, just by looking at your watch (which, if you're under 24, you don't even want to wear in the first place), you can conveniently be apprised of new messages, pictures, or content urgently awaiting your attention on your smartphone, which is all the way in your pocket.

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