Saturday, April 2, 2011

One Less Cook in the Kitchen

I just sat through one of the most rewarding sessions at SQL Saturday in Dallas. John Paul Cook gave priceless SQL Tips & Tricks. And unbelievably, right at the end, he told the sparse audience that this was his last SQL-related engagement ever. He recently quit his job and is set to begin nursing school, with the idea of being a medical records expert.

I'll be forever grateful to John for:
  • Ctrl+R in SSMS
  • Ctrl+H with 'Use: Regular expressions'
  • Alt+Select
  • and the wisdom of using Portable Apps on Production servers
John blogged a lot at SQL Blog, and I would expect his posts to remain online for the foreseeable future. The blog archive is a great reference source, but I can't imagine it will compare to the peculiar charm John has in person. I would love to have John Paul Cook as a teacher. But at least the digitization of medical records will be in good hands.


John Paul Cook said...

I'm glad you liked my presentation. A written summary of the presentation is found at

phyllisjanes said...

Thanks for sharing the summary of the presentation Mr. Cook.

- kitchen units webmaster