Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On Intent

This one's simple -- read Andy Leonard's blog post Discerning Between Noisy and Important. Caution to SQL Server nerds like me: the T-SQL sample is liable to break your heart.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Google is not your friend

I found my way to this essay by MG Siegler, Why I Hate Android, and I can't help think he's being naive about what corporations are.

Google is not your friend. "Don't be evil" is not Google corporate policy. "Don't be evil" is the dream slogan every company would love to have people believe about it. But it's not company policy, it's not a commandment. "Don't be evil" is what a couple of guys who worked for Google in its early days wished the company would be about. It was a hope, a dream. That's it.

Steve Jobs had some choice words on Google's unofficial slogan himself. And Jobs certainly understood the challenges of avoiding evil. Just check out Foxconn, where the iPhone is built. That's right, those are nets on the lower perimeter of the manufacturing plant. Nets to catch the Chinese factory workers who couldn't stop killing themselves.

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, your ISP, your wireless provider--they're all big business, and big business is cutthroat, two-faced, and every other characteristic that would make a human unlikable. But corporations aren't human. They all want to win, which means someone has to lose, and they don't care if it's me. That's the game that's being played.