Monday, December 10, 2012

Don't be a dick

Let's not be dicks, okay? You don't know what someone else is dealing with, what pressures they endure. Then comes you, out of nowhere, being a huge dick.

Being A Dick \ˈbē(-i)ŋ ˈā ˈdik\: Pursuing your own personal joy or pleasure or enjoyment, knowing you're hurting someone.

You're being a dick the moment you're aware that what you're doing is hurtful. Hurt doesn't have to be your initial intent (that's for assholes). But once hurting someone else becomes a consequence of your actions, and you don't let up, you're being a dick.

When you call the royal hospital you're just being goofy. There's no way you'll get through. Someone will answer the call and they'll know you're screwing around and they'll either be playful about it or hang up on you. But you fool the operator, and she patches you through, and you don't stop her.

That's the line, dick.

When she says she'll patch you through, you're supposed to stop her. You're supposed to laugh and say you were just kidding, isn't my accent terrible, are you having a laugh, ha ha ha. But you don't, and you humiliate her to death. Kids lose a mom. Husband loses a wife. Because of you. Dick.