Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gimme a sec

I abandoned cursive a long time ago, in junior high. But I find elements of cursive coming back into my handwriting now. I think it's because I'm older and busier. It's just more efficient to connect the letters.

When you're in second grade being taught cursive, the efficiency of the writing style doesn't resonate. Cursive is about efficiency. It saves you time from picking up the pen over and over, it makes your writing more efficient. Who cares about efficiency at age 8? I'm in second grade, got all the time in the world.

Maybe instead of teaching cursive in second grade, cursive writing should be offered in high school as an elective called "How To Write Faster." You'd attract the right kind of people to a class like that, the whole point of cursive handwriting would be clear.

Aw hell, I wouldn't have even signed up for that class in high school. But I would now. Because now I don't have time. If I can save milliseconds by connecting the 'p' to the 'e', or the 'g' to the 'h', or the 'a' to the 's', I'll take it. I'll take all the time anything can save me.